02 2 / 2014


By virtue of the fact that my blog is called Fat Birds, I should probably be cheering for the Seattle Seahawks tonight, lol…but I’m in the UK right now and it’s almost 10:30pm and the Super Bowl doesn’t really matter here! But for my American followers- if you’re watching, who are you rooting for tonight? Or are you watching the Puppy Bowl instead? :’D

Puppy Bowl all the way!

  1. lady-halibuts-chambers said: I watched the Kitten Bowl!
  2. the-inevitable-pinhole-burns said: PUPPY BOWL FOREVER XD
  3. blue-dress said: the superbowl doesn’t matter to alot of people in the US either lol…it’s just a lot of hype.
  4. frumpysweaters said: SEAHAWKS! (And the puppy bowl as able)
  5. drygrasses said: I was rooting for my home team the Broncos…and dying a little inside.
  6. zaiqukaj said: I’m in Seattle so I default towards the hawks but puppies are a more tempting option.
  7. wingedtoad said: Rooting for superb owls!
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  9. somnomania said: puppy bowl and also the kitten bowl which is on hallmark channel \o/
  10. ironimprisoner said: Watching the Puppy Bowl. Best game.
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    Puppy Bowl all the way!
  12. beechwoodpark said: HAWKS
  13. dapperdonuts said: Puppy Bowl all the way
  14. lonelyinheaven said: Puppy bowl!